Yuri Verbytsky

25 August 1963 — 21(22) January 2014

Lived in Lviv. Worked as an engineer of the Carpathian Region Seismic Activity Department at the Subbotin Institute of Geophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Doctor of Science. His hobby was mountain climbing. On January 21, Yuri was taken to the Ophthalmology Department of Zhovtneva Clinic in Kyiv with an injured eye. Unidentified people kidnapped him together with another activist, Ihor Lutsenko. Yuri died as the result of severe tortures. On January 22, his body was found in the neighborhood of Gnidyn village (Borispil district, Kyiv region) with the signs of tortures. The examination proved numerous fractures, scratch marks and signs of beatings.